15 minutes into 2015…yup.

Happy New Year…yup.

First fifteen minutes included SP crying that the ball doesn’t actually drop in New York and then complaining she wants next years New Years to be more fun. This while LM and B punch each other on the couch because they are mad at me for wanting to take a photo, so I can pretend we are a functional family and post a photo fakebook. So…frustrated, I proceed to tell them it’s time for bed (it’s 12:15 am and they are elementary aged children) and they all start crazily yelling “no mom no” in a matter that would imply that I had said “I’m done being a mother and I’m leaving you forever, effective immediately!”

All while Hubby has been in bed since 10pm (yes…abandoned me with my children after telling them they can stay up til midnight)and I can hear him snoring (like the sound your minivan makes when you try to start it and you realized you already have)from upstairs in the “those kids aren’t my responsibility” zone.

One moment we had the fresh promises of the new year…and then we had reality. I had 30 seconds of “this is the year our home, our lives, our outlooks will be positive and great adventures and special memories lay ahead.” 30 blissful seconds.

And then I realized…same people, same place, same EVERYTHING!